Hey, my name is Jo Gourd, I'm a salon based hairdresser full time and in my spare time I work mobile to treat home hair clients. I've had over 10 years experience as a hairdresser working in a salon, especially hair colouring which is a speciality of mine. This website represents interest as a home hair mobile hairdresser and has no connection to the salon that I work at.

I'm looking for more client for my mobile hairdressing in St Albans, if you would like a professional hairdresser to treat you in your home then please get in touch.

Because I'm also trained in Bio Sculpture gel nails, I offer a special deal where if you are having your hair coloured I will treat your nails whilst the colour is waiting to take. I'd be waiting around anyway at this time, so I'm keen to offer this special offer at a discounted price, please get in touch for more information.

Jo Gourd